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Cyber Risk & Security Consultant Trainee f/m
HeadMind Partners
<p><p><b><b>What will you be doing?</b></b></p></p> <p>Within a community of more than <b>300 experts</b> in France & Belgium, you will build your experience in one of the 5 largest firms specialising in Cybersecurity, a privileged partner of ANSSI (Agence Nationale de la Sécurité des Systèmes d’Information in France) and a founding member of the Cyber Campus. You will develop a recognised and technical expertise to support the security and digital risk management of companies in various sectors (military, industrial, financial, luxury, etc.).</p> <p><b>You will participate in research work to improve </b><b>offensive tools (open source, AI, exploitation automation (BAS, specific developments)) and defence tools (open source, AI, SOAR, etc.).</b></p> <p>Through your assignments and training, you will develop skills and methodologies:</p> <li>Specific and detailed knowledge of the technologies used in the digital transformation: <b>cloud, Big Data, AI, IoT, 5G…</b></li><li><b>Identification of threats, tactics</b> and <b>cyber weapons</b></li><li><b>Mastery of protection and defence technologies</b> and ability to deploy them without limiting their use.</li><li><b>Communication and collaboration</b> with IT and Business teams.</li> <p><p><b><b>Who are we looking for?</b></b></p></p> <p><b>A student from a Top Engineering School (Master’s degree)</b></p> <li>You are <b>curious</b> and enjoy working with clients.</li><li>You are <b>persistent</b>, <b>determined,</b> and have a <b>strong team spirit</b>.</li><li>You have a good understanding of the fundamentals of cybersecurity in terms of audit methodologies (PASSI, ISO 27001/ISO 19011, OWASP, CIS20), and risk analysis methodologies (EBIOS RM, ISO 27005, etc.)</li><li>You are familiar with the main families of vulnerabilities, whether they are web, mobile, cloud, network, system, etc.</li><li>You carry out continuous monitoring of the main vulnerabilities (top 10 owasp, cve), cyber threats (espionage, ransomware, DDoS…) and the main protection tools (EDR, SIEM, IPS…)</li> <p><p><b><b>HeadMind Partners' (ex-Beijaflore) strengths:</b></b></p></p> <li>A <b>digital strategy</b> <b>consulting firm </b>with 1,500 employees, operating in Paris, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and New York.</li><li>A strong expertise in <b>Cybersecurity</b> and <b>Artificial Intelligence</b>.</li><li>Strategic and high value-added assignments with <b>key accounts</b>.</li><li>Teams driven by 3 strong commitments: <b>a caring work environment</b>, <b>continuous learning</b>, <b>professional</b> <b>development opportunities</b>.</li><li>A professional environment <b>certified Ecovadis, ISO 27001 & ISO 9001:2015</b> for the Cyber Risk & Security entity, recognised by its employees, trainees and candidates (<b>Happy at Work, Trainees & Candidates</b> certification labels).</li>
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Brussel / Bruxelles, Brussels
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